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Lesser Known Social Media Brands

Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter and Instagram these days. They have billions of users between them, encompassing a pretty big percentage of the earth’s population. Posts are shared, photos are tossed around, and so many selfies are in existence that aliens would likely assume them to be some sort of official online requirement.

But this popularity is exactly what makes you sneer in distaste. You’re the kind of person that shuns what others have accepted, and prefers instead to find alternatives. After all, participating in the norm is the sort of thing that will force you to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror.

Relax, it turns out that there are dozens of social media alternatives to the big names. They are lesser known, most of them dying for a bit of attention, and so all of them are a prime gathering ground for you and your alternative-to-the mainstream seeking friends.

You could also just drop social media entirely, and just spend some time at a top class casino instead. Or would that be going too far? Better take a look at our list, just in case. If you abandoned social media entirely everyone might just assume you’re dead.


Vero social media
Source: Cedar Post

Vero is a pretty smart idea, although it is highly debatable if it will see any success in the face of well-established platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It seems to be an effort to combine all major platforms, with a photo sharing, news sharing, and all other things social media, all rolled into one.

The core draw card of Vero is that it is, and according to the developers always will be, entirely advert free. It has its focus solely on social media alone, without a glance in the direction of a single ad agency. How is this possible? Well, the first million user accounts will be free, after which a subscription fee will kick in.

It has potential, but we have serious doubts as to it being able to pull even a million users away from other services, never mind go beyond that. Who would pay subscription fees for social media at this point?


Source: marketingfacts.nl

Less straightforward than Vero, Musical.ly is a bit of an odd fish. It is basically the same concept as the now-defunct Vine and the ever-popular Snapchat, allowing for videos to be created of varying lengths. The videos can be combined with music and various filters, giving them a little added flavour.

The draw card is, apparently, that video lengths can only be 15 to 60 seconds long, applying a little restriction to the creativity. But as they say, creativity is most prevalent under restrictions. It’s a neat idea, but we don’t see it making much of a splash, with Vine and Snapchat already established. It remains to be seen though, and we wish it all the best.


Source: steemit.com

Last on the list we have Steemit. This is a very interesting idea for social media. Steemit actually keeps track of content posted, and pays out for the amount of attention a post gets. Currency can also be earned from voting and curating. A really great concept, only that this currency happens to be so-called STEEM tokens, a type of cryptocurrency.

So far, much information has been granted on how STEEM tokens can be earned, or how they can be bought for real money. What the developers haven’t gone into is what value these so called STEEM Tokens actually have, what they can be used for, or why anyone would want them, for any reason at all.

Still, the idea is a very interesting one, with an enormous amount of potential. We hope that the idea gets ironed out, and STEEM Tokens find some kind of real value. Then you can count us on board!

The Ghosts of Social Media Past

Social media has a daily effect on our lives
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I don’t tweet. Friends have said I should open a Twitter account but I have remained inanimate on the matter. Twitter registers very low on my list of priorities and while I get that one can actually catch the attention of a celebrity or someone in power, it remains an unappealing endeavour. I regard social media as a blessing and a curse. I like that we’re more connected but I dislike the fact that we actually care less. Social media has made us regard one another in a lesser light and this is because it’s made our social lives easier and the minute something gets easy, we undermine it. Look at the birthday card; once a staple of celebration and admitting that you had a genuine care for a friend, family member or colleague. Facebook has all but obliterated this once thriving industry and while everyone says something on your wall, not many really mean it. We’re sacrificing a lot in the name of the net and social media, and as it appears of late, not just our interpersonal qualities, but our livelihoods too.

Is Facebook Listening To Me?

Online Vigilance

I’m not sure that we’re fully comprehending the extent of our online actions. Our online footprints, while meant to create a digital map of what we like so that corporations can sell us things, can also be used for surveillance.  Instagram has the right to make money from the photos you post on it without giving you a cent. The net has given us a power to wield and at the risk of sounding cheesy, with great power comes great responsibility.

In the light of the recent James Gunn incident, nothing screams online vigilance more than what has befallen this Hollywood director. Roughly 10 years ago Mr Gunn, in what appears an attempt of provocation, made some really unsavoury tweets. For those of you not in the know, James Gunn is most notable for his work with Marvel Studios and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Gunn was also known for his anti- Trump stance, something which has now cost him his job. Disney owns Marvel and once they got wind of these old tweet, uncovered by a staunch Trump supporter, he was fired.

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I’ve read the tweets and they are atrocious, but here’s the thing, why didn’t this information bug Disney beforehand? Only once unearthed, did the giant studio step in; the very same studio that employed Johnny Depp in light of his domestic abuse allegations by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.  Gunn apologised years ago for those tasteless tweets and why should we not believe in the capacity of a human being to grow, evolve and change for the better within a span of 10 years. Should no one be given a second chance? I’m not here to defend Gunn. His tweets really are off-side and one can see why Disney’s actions were swift, but the complexity of the situation begs for revision.

Social media icons
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Top Retro Gadgets Making a Comeback

Your Online Past & Your Future

James Gunn is but one example of being retroactively punished. Is punishment way after the fact applicable, especially when the person hasn’t physically done anything to anyone, and in addition has apologised? I think that what’s important to take home from all of this is that as an online user, you need to watch your step, especially in light of what you say, because once it’s out there, its digitally entrenched and if someone doesn’t like you, he or she can dig up that dirt, use it out of context to accentuate its already questionable attributes and this my dear readers can cost you your job, your livelihood and your reputation.  So take care of yourself in the digital space and if you can’t think of anything good to put there, then best you keep it to yourself and then work on yourself.

Past and present social media
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