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Damien Hirst Designed A Vegas Suite And You Must See It

Damien Hirst Vegas Suite
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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? How about a stay in a Damien Hirst-designed suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas? Imagine winning the gigantic online roulette jackpot, so you can indulge yourself in the outdoor jacuzzi of the $100,000-per-night Empathy Suite. Created in collaboration with the architecture firms Bentel & Bentel and Klai Juba Walk, the suite opened just last month.

Who is Damien Hirst?

Damien Hirst is a British artist born in 1965 who grew up in Leeds and studied at the Leeds College of Art. He first emerged onto the international art scene in the late 1980s. His style is pop culture-related and over-the-top, challenging contemporary belief systems. He won a Turner Prize in 1995, the UK’s most publicized art award since 1984.

One of his most well-known and iconic pieces is The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, created in 1991. He commissioned an Australian fisherman to catch a tiger shark which he then submerged in formaldehyde. The initial shark was poorly preserved and has since been replaced. He went on to create an entire Natural History series with more preserved and taxidermized animals, highlighting death as a central motif of his work.

Another theme Hirst has worked a lot with is the medical field, particularly the cultural role of prescription drugs. He has created medicine cabinets filled with medication packaging, pill cabinets with thousands of hand-painted resin and plaster pills, and paintings representing medications. He wishes to highlight the power people place in pharmaceuticals.

He is also known for his many butterfly-themed pieces, some of which used real butterflies – or just their wings. For Hirst, the butterfly is a universal trigger of happiness and a reflection of the circle of life.

What are the features of the suite?

The suite is two levels and 9000 square feet (836 square meters) – more a villa than a hotel suite! There are two bedrooms, two media lounges, a theatre, a gym, and massage rooms. You can also enjoy an outdoor Jacuzzi infinity-style pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. The suite even has its own bar that can seat 13 people.

At $100,000 a night and with a two-night minimum stay, the Empathy Suite is currently the most expensive hotel suite in the world. The record was previously held by the $80,000-a-night Royal Penthouse Suite at Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson. The million-dollar casino players at the Palms Resort also are given free access to the suite.

Included in the nightly price are a 24-hour private butler service, extraordinary welcome amenities, a private chauffeur, VIP access to all of the hotel’s amenities, a private tour of the suite, and $10,000 in hotel credit.

What are Hirst’s artistic touches?

Some of Hirst’s most well-known works have been integrated into the suit, including Winner/Loser featuring two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. Along with butterfly designs found in the jacuzzi and on the flooring throughout the suite, a collection of real butterflies on canvas that he made and named Casino Royale is in its rightful location at the Palms. Continuing with the gaming theme, you’ll also find The Winner Takes It All, 18 feet of cubic zirconia on shelves.

The aforementioned curved bar is also a piece of artwork in itself as it is filled with medical waste. This contrasts with well-ordered medicine cabinets placed around the villa. Above the bar is Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time – two vitrines, one containing a marlin skeleton and the second a taxidermy marlin.

Continuing the medical theme are oversized pills embroidered on chairs and cushions and stuck to the windows as well as a “Pill” wall covering. There is even a 12-feet-wide by 6-feet-high glass and stainless-steel display full of thousands of plaster pills (Money).

Staying in this Vegas casino suite is almost like sleeping in your own personal modern art museum.

Top 10 Oldest Casinos In The World

Source: Pixabay

Those who believe casinos to be a modern phenomenon may be surprised to know casinos have been in existence for the best part of 400 years! Even some establishments on the fabled Vegas strip, still comparative newcomers to the gaming scene, have been around for more than 50 years. Here is a list of the top ten oldest casinos in the world.

1. Casino de Venecia, Italy: 1638

The Casino de Venecia, built by the Italian architect Mauro Codussi, started life as a theatre (the Theatre Saint Moses). This had one wing dedicated to gambling, which apparently went on during the intervals at play performances. In fact, this casino was one of the main reasons casino gambling became so popular in the Venetian state capital. By 1744, Venice was home to more than 120 gambling houses.

2. Casino de Spa, Belgium: 1763

The Belgian town of Spa is the original destination for anyone seeking health-giving waters. But since the 18th century, this town has also been famous for its casinos. The innovative concept of providing a gaming hall to entertain well-heeled visitors was then copied across the world. Two city mayors, Xhrouet Lambert and Gérard de Leau, arranged the construction of the first Casino de Spa (1763). Their intention was to create luxurious amenities for the local gentry.

3. Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, Germany: 1834

The core of the Kurhaus spa was designed in 1824 by Friedrich Weinbrenner. He was the one responsible for the neo-classical interiors, the Corinthian columns and the paired-griffins frieze in the grand entrance. Even though the Kurhaus included a casino from the outset, it was not until the mid-1830s (when gambling was banned in France) that the building became internationally famous. Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Gambler’ was inspired by the author’s visit, and Marlene Dietrich rated the Kurhaus “the most beautiful casino in the world.”

4. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco: 1856

The Monte Carlo Casino is a famous gambling and entertainment complex situated in the city-state of Monaco. Princess Caroline, the wife of Prince Florestan 1 and an astute, business-minded woman, is credited with the initial idea – the casino revenues were apparently intended to rescue the House of Grimaldi from the threat of bankruptcy. The business is now run by a publicly owned company, but majority shares are held by both the Monaco government and the country’s royal family.

5. Golden Gate Casino, Las Vegas, USA: 1906

Now a part of the Fremont Street Experience, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino can be found at One Fremont Street, Las Vegas, and is the area’s oldest (and smallest) hotel. Built on land purchased by John F. Miller (an early Las Vegas businessman), in 1905, the site was first a ‘tented’ structure (the Miller Hotel). It became a permanent site (the Hotel Nevada) in 1906, but it was not until 1955 that the building first acquired the Golden Gate name.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Source: Flickr

6. Casinò di Campione, Ticino, Switzerland: 1917

Founded in 1917, the Casinò di Campione was the largest employer in the municipality of Campione d’Italia, an Italian exclave within the Swiss Canton of Ticino. Owned by the Italian government, and operated by the municipality, the casino’s original purpose was to gather intelligence from foreign diplomats during the First World War. But with hundreds of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker tables sitting dark and silent, gathering dust, the old casino is now under threat of permanent closure, and the local residents are worried this could also signal the demise of this tiny Italian outpost.

7. Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas, USA: 1946

The Flamingo Las Vegas is a hotel and casino, which opened in 1946 as the very first hotel on the famous Strip. This vast complex incorporates a 72,300-square-foot casino as well as a 3,626-room hotel. Adopting an architectural design, which owes much to the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne movements, the hotel includes features such as a garden courtyard to act as a habitat area for flamingos.

8. Tropicana, Las Vegas, USA: 1957

A large hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, the Tropicana Las Vegas has 1,467 rooms and a 50,000-square-foot gaming floor as well as 72,000 sq ft of corporate convention and exhibit space. Situated on the busy Las Vegas Boulevard intersection, no pedestrians are allowed to attempt crossings at street level. However, the Tropicana is linked to its neighbouring north-side casinos by an overhead pedestrian bridge.

9. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA: 1966

One of the most famous landmarks in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel and casino enterprise. Set up by Jay Sarno in 1966, Caesars Palace offers opulent facilities, many of which are inspired by lifestyle artefacts from the age of the Roman Empire. Its modern casino facilities include table games, a 4,500-square-foot, 24-hour poker room, plus a vast range of slot machines and video poker systems. Caesars Palace also houses a large selection of restaurants as well as entertainment and sports facilities.

10. Circus Circus, Las Vegas, USA :1968

Entertaining tourists on the famous Las Vegas Strip for over 50 years, Circus Circus started life as a casino. Then in 1972 it also became a hotel, and is now a vast 123,928-sq-ft hotel and casino complex. Often used as a movie location (the 1971 Bond film “Diamonds are Forever” was shot here), Circus Circus offers circus entertainments, a carnival type atmosphere, and of course plenty of casino games.

Online Gambling Trends for 2019

VR set to be a big casino trend in 2019
Source: Pixabay

Online gambling may be one of the fastest growing industries in the world, but it is also still a very young industry. This means that it is still evolving and changing, sometimes in unexpected or unusual ways. Therefore, it pays to look ahead, and make predictions about what might occur in the coming months.

These are, of course, exactly that though – just predictions. So if a trend comes along that takes us by surprise, we can all chalk it up to the unpredictability of an industry that is still finding its legs. That being said, let’s take a look at the hottest online gambling trends being predicted for 2019.

Game Design Advancements

One of the biggest challenges facing digital casino game designers is that the software is expected to run smoothly on mobile devices. Yes, many of these devices are extremely powerful and capable, but just as many aren’t, and therein lies the problem.

The games are expected to run on as many devices as possible, which means that they must be designed for the least capable mobile phones, not only the most current and powerful. Hence, we have had an avalanche of low quality, unsightly games that are none too impressive in comparison to others of the same generation.

However, things have come a long way in a short space of time. Not only has mobile technology shunted along at a breakneck speed, but the software used to make this software has also come leaps and bounds. This means that, inevitably, the software released over the course of 2019 is going to be better in all regards. In fact, the jumps in game quality are expected to be huge.

AR and VR Casinos

Everyone can agree that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are impressive. Then why haven’t they been adopted into the mainstream? For much the same reasons as the above. The technology is there, it’s just that not only are the platforms for this new potential to operate not been widely available, but the developers have been drastically inexperienced in compatible software creation.

This, once again, is all expected to change in the coming year. AR and VR are about to be more widely accessible than ever before, with prices dipping down to their lowest levels ever. In addition, game creators are now getting ahead, with more time and resources being poured into the use of AR and VR being integrated into casinos technology.


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Facial Recognition

Helping players be more immersed in their online experience seems to be a priority for many companies. What could be more appealing than literally seeing your own face in a game, with little to no effort on the part of the player? This is the potential of facial recognition. As more devices adopt this powerful new technology, the more likely it will be utilised in digital casinos.


The adoption of cryptocurrency has been a bit of a roller coaster in 2018. After the initial craze that swept the world, it all seemed to die out just as quickly, with most simply seeming to accept that the age of Bitcoin was over as quickly as it had risen

Nevertheless, cryptocurrency is still around, and still has many important, practical uses. In the world of online casinos, it has rather obvious, convenient applications, namely that it is not bound to regions or borders. This makes it all but indispensable in getting players to engage in your online casino, no matter where they are in the world. As to just how big a part cryptocurrency will play, exactly, remains to be seen, but there is certainly going to be a push for it to become more mainstream.


Given that the industry is based squarely around digital tech, it makes sense that the majority of new trends are likewise based on new and innovative tech evolution. We can now only sit back and wait to see if the industry of the future leans more towards the AR and VR, or perhaps more towards a sweeping cryptocurrency transformation. Either way, it will be exciting to behold, and we’re thrilled to be part of it!