More active in response to losing

Uses logic to solve problems

Identifies important information


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More active in response to winning

Uses intuition to solve problems

Processes information holistically


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The Brain's Reward System

  • Our brains have a series of circuits known as The Reward System.
  • These are connected to various regions of the brain – like pleasure and motivation.
  • Rewarding experiences cause our brains to send signals via neurotransmitters – especially: dopamine.
  • More dopamine = more feelings of pleasure.
  • Gambling and winning stimulate a release of dopamine in the brain, just like sex and chocolate.
  • Gambling provides many people with excitement and stress-relief.

Men's vs Women's Brains

  • Make up around 84% of gamblers
  • 73% of men prefer sports betting when playing online
  • Tend to play on various gambling sites
  • Usually start gambling in their early 20s


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  • Make up around 16% of gamblers
  • 60% of women prefer social games like bingo
  • Tend to stay loyal to one gambling site
  • Usually start gambling in their mid-30s


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  • Even when you’re losing at a game, your body still produces adrenalin and endorphins.

  • Poker, and other skills-based card games positively influence those areas of the brain associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Approximately 80% of the US population has gambled in their lifetime.

4 Kinds of Gamblers

  • Social Gamblers
  • Social Gamblers

    Play with friends or colleagues.

    Play for a limited period of time.

    Losses are predetermined and reasonable.

  • Professional Gamblers
  • Professional Gamblers

    Limit their risks.

    Exercise discipline.

  • Problem Gamblers*
  • Problem Gamblers*

    Have a preoccupation with gambling.

    Show a narrowing of interest in other activities.

    Play less for fun than for gain.

  • Habitual Gamblers*
  • Habitual Gamblers*

    Believe money is the cause of, and solution to, problems.

    Are highly competitive, energetic and restless.

*Always gamble responsibly. Know when to stop, and seek help if necessary.