Stay Fit While You Play Slots

Have you ever tried to do the Seated Toy Soldier? It’s easier than you think! Plus, it will help you loosen those limbs, especially when you’re busy playing online casino games. Gaming Club Casino has created a fun infographic of the ten best exercises to do while at the casino, or playing casino games at … Continue reading Stay Fit While You Play Slots

Microgaming’s Sweetest Slots

What’s a video slot without a good theme? For some reason, video slot enthusiasts have always had a hankering for candy-themed games and there is no better name than Microgaming to satisfy the sweet-toothed slots lover. Just some of the titles include Candy Dreams, Fruit vs. Candy, So Much Candy, and Sweet Harvest. Since it … Continue reading Microgaming’s Sweetest Slots

Slots That Changed The Industry

Online slots are probably the casino games that have changed the most in the last 100 years. This is especially true when you look at how many online casinos have influenced the adaptation and evolution of slots. Slots are massively popular and that popularity grows as developers keep innovating. Let’s have a look at early … Continue reading Slots That Changed The Industry

Tech Trends For 2017

The Internet Of Things Technological marvels have been dominating everything from the functional to the fantastic – almost exclusively thanks to the Internet of Things.  Virtual Reality blasted onto the scene – rocketing to new heights in 2016 with the release of Oculus Rift.  Pokémon Go had us all – from barely literate pre-schoolers to … Continue reading Tech Trends For 2017

Responsible Gambling Tips

“Responsible” isn’t, as popular culture loves to dictate, the opposite of “fun”.  Responsible gambling is such a crucial part of the positive gambling experience, that it has become widely advocated by the casino industry at large – and not merely as a result of having to keep up with the legalities.  The powers that be … Continue reading Responsible Gambling Tips

Ancient Traditions of Gambling

Gambling seems to have existed in one form or another for literally thousands of years. Today when we think of gambling our minds usually go to sports bets or casino games, but these evolved from much older customs. There is even mention of drawing lots in the Bible which, all religious debate aside, is an … Continue reading Ancient Traditions of Gambling

Betting Max in Slots

Many new casino players will ask themselves whether or not they should be betting the maximum in slot games. Lets take a look at the pros and cons so that you can work out when to go big! Choosing to Not Bet Max It is simple to say that, no, players should definitely not be … Continue reading Betting Max in Slots