Stay Fit While You Play Slots

Have you ever tried to do the Seated Toy Soldier? It’s easier than you think! Plus, it will help you loosen those limbs, especially when you’re busy playing online casino games. Gaming Club Casino has created a fun infographic of the ten best exercises to do while at the casino, or playing casino games at … Continue reading Stay Fit While You Play Slots

Gambling Across Borders

Gambling is one of the world’s oldest pastimes, that’s something we all know for sure. But have you ever wondered how gaming tastes may differ across the world? Do the Europeans enjoy playing slots machines as much as the Irish? Do some countries really give lottery tickets to minors as quirky gifts? Will Las Vegas … Continue reading Gambling Across Borders

Home Consoles and Casino Games

So, you spend a great deal of time gunning down zombies, slaying goblins or murdering your fellow online players, but have you thought you might like to try casino games on your home game console? Online casinos have become an enormous industry, after all, and giving it a look surely can’t do any harm. But, … Continue reading Home Consoles and Casino Games

Microgaming Pays It Forward

Microgaming is one of the world’s leading providers of online casino software solutions. Established in 1994, the Isle of Man-based developer has risen to fame as a global leader in iGaming innovation and technology – not to mention its massive portfolio of over 1200 slots, casino games and live dealer games. However, Microgaming isn’t just … Continue reading Microgaming Pays It Forward

Slots to Sink Your Teeth Into

Microgaming is recognised as one of the best casino software platforms in the world, and its slots games are especially renowned. You’re guaranteed a good time whenever you spin a set of Microgaming reels, but the titles below come especially recommended. They are favourites of players around the world, and they are all themed on … Continue reading Slots to Sink Your Teeth Into

Top Games for a Trip to Mars

It has been decades since man landed the moon, and humanity is looking towards Mars as the next astronomical body to visit. With current limitations in space travel and the almost unfathomable distance to the red planet, travel times of up to 9 months are a viable possibility. One way that the first travellers to … Continue reading Top Games for a Trip to Mars