From Vegas To Wall Street

Inside Ed Thorp’s Investment Book Blackjack legend, Ed Thorp has done it again. It’s been more than half a century since Thorp turned casino blackjack on its head with his book, Beat the Dealer, which proved that the house edge could be beaten via card counting. Now in his eighties, Thorp has turned his mathematical … Continue reading From Vegas To Wall Street

Casinos that Speak Your Language

People from all over the world have long engaged in the exciting pastime we all love and know as gambling, with an exceptionally wide range of land-based, online and mobile casinos now available on every continent. With a long list of casinos putting efforts into attracting audiences to their online establishments, we are now able … Continue reading Casinos that Speak Your Language

The Timeless Appeal Of Pachinko

Although gambling is illegal in Japan, there is one game of chance that is perfectly above board and has dominated popular culture for decades. Pachinko is a pinball-like game where players can win prizes instead of cash. The reason it remains legal is that the Japanese government deems it to be a game of pure … Continue reading The Timeless Appeal Of Pachinko

Biggest Casino Wins Ever

While it may be true that you can’t win them all, as they say, there are a few that have been a lot more fortunate when it comes to winning casino games. Prepare yourself for tales of incredible triumph in the world of gambling because we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest wins … Continue reading Biggest Casino Wins Ever

Android vs iOS: Which is Safer?

The question of whether iOS is better than Android or vice versa has been in the mind of just about every consumer at some point in time, with the two operating systems both offering some seriously innovative technology over the past couple of years. The thing is, there isn’t really a right answer as there … Continue reading Android vs iOS: Which is Safer?

Commonly Used Casino Jargon

A casino is a little world unto itself. In the real world, casinos have their own lighting, shops, special decorations, and even their own unique language. This is referring to, of course, the common slang that is used at casinos. Most are aware of the commonly used phrases, and have a pretty good idea of … Continue reading Commonly Used Casino Jargon

Wagering Your Way to Winnings

Every single person that has taken a step into the forever thrilling world of land-based, online and mobile casino gaming has, without a doubt, experience the sinking feeling that comes with a loss when you truly thought that lady luck was right there beside you. There are many gamblers experience losing a lot more than … Continue reading Wagering Your Way to Winnings