Have We Found Aliens?

Most science fiction films will have a number of alien life forms on display. From the mostly humanoid looking aliens in Star Trek, to the far less lovable xenomorphic creatures in the Aliens franchise and the weird little green men that have graced the reels of popular casino games, there are extra-terrestrial life forms aplenty … Continue reading Have We Found Aliens?

The Best Marathons to Run in 2018

Running is one of the most universal sports on the planet. While marathons were once considered an extreme test of the sports elite, today, marathons attract thousands of participants from all over the world. Over the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of marathon participants. This can be attributed … Continue reading The Best Marathons to Run in 2018

#DeleteFacebook – How Safe is Your Personal Data?

Hot on the heels of the exposed Facebook data ‘theft’ by company Cambridge Analytica is a movement encouraging Facebook users to close their accounts. Cambridge Analytica is a data mining company that has been implicated in many odious schemes where data has been misused. These allegations include involvement in manipulation techniques during the Brexit referendum, … Continue reading #DeleteFacebook – How Safe is Your Personal Data?