Gambling Law Under the Microscope

Gambling laws can often be very confusing, convoluted, and difficult to understand. There are many laws and aspects of casino games to take into consideration, and often governments and licensing boards can get caught up in the various factors. For this reason it can be confusing to some as to whether online casino gaming is … Continue reading Gambling Law Under the Microscope

Will Biometric Tech Change Casino Games?

The most simple form of Biometric technology is fingerprint recognition.  Biometrics analyse and measure the unique physical characteristics of an individual in order to authenticate his or her identity.  Common measurements tapped into by biometric technology includes fingerprints, hand and palm geometry, voice waves and retina measurements. Biometric Identification In Casinos When considering the fact … Continue reading Will Biometric Tech Change Casino Games?

Easter Eggs In Video Games

You may have heard the term Easter Egg in relation to video games, and wondered what people were talking about. Most games are, after all, not very Easter themed in any way. Unless we’re talking about specifically Easter themed slots games of course! Easter Eggs refer to a secret in a game, normally hidden out … Continue reading Easter Eggs In Video Games

A Beginner’s Guide To eSports

It’s no shame to admit that you don’t actually understand what the term “eSports” refers to.  After all, it’s a word that’s only recently buzzed onto the online gaming and sports scene.  Chances are that you’ve heard of the word, though.  The easiest definition of eSports would be to say that it involves competitive gaming … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide To eSports

Gambling through Space and Time

When you’re in the middle of a poker or blackjack game, chances are you’re not asking too many questions about the origins of the game itself. Fair enough, considering the fact that you’re probably more focused on winning or having a lucky hand. But have you ever found yourself wondering where it all began and … Continue reading Gambling through Space and Time

Emerging Online Casino Trends

Every industry has trends that evolve and fluctuate, depending on what is happening in the various markets. The online casino world is a very new industry. When trends evolve many are unsure of where they are going. In the film industry, a very old and long running world, many can predict trends, based on previous … Continue reading Emerging Online Casino Trends

Biggest Prize Pools In Poker

There have been quite a number of massive prize pools accumulated in Poker tournaments over the years, and increasingly so over recent years.  The very structure of these tournaments, coupled with the sheer number of players competing in the tournaments, lends itself to the accumulation of gigantic prize pools. Tournaments generally work on a “buy … Continue reading Biggest Prize Pools In Poker

Secrets of the Wild

Online Mobile Slots

Slot Games are the most popular casino game at almost every online casino. Offering hours of fun, tens of thousands logon on a daily basis to test their luck. With excellent graphics, great designs, and plenty in the way of cash winning opportunity, it’s no wonder that online slot games are as popular as they … Continue reading Secrets of the Wild

Macau’s Rise to the Top

Who would ever have thought that China (a place where gambling is all but illegal) would one day produce the biggest casino destination on Earth? But that is indeed what has happened. Each year, over 30 million visitors flock to the Chinese special administrative region (SAR) of Macau to experience what has become known as … Continue reading Macau’s Rise to the Top